Hearing Aid Fitting

Once the patient is fit with hearing aids and the trial period has begun it is not uncommon to have an adjustment period. The hearing aids will be programmed based on the patient’s hearing prescription and their comfort. Sound may seem loud at first but as the brain gets used to hearing new sounds and parts of speech, the patient will adjust quickly. This is part of aural rehabilitation. The fitting process is just a starting place. It may take a few appointments to fine tune the sound quality or physical fit of the aids to the patient’s liking. As the patient is exposed to different situations over time, small adjustments may be required. The patient will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire after they have worn the hearing aids for a few weeks. It is important to answer the question as honestly as possible. This will help the audiologist with future programming adjustments. The key to a successful trial period is a good attitude. A patient with a positive attitude and in some cases realistic expectations will do well with hearing aids. It is important to keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to the sounds you were missing. Working closely with your audiologist and communicating effectively with family and friends will aid in getting the most benefit from the new hearing aids.